How to Reshape Your Body this Summer

Summer is just about here and CoolSculpting can help you achieve your body goals so that you feel confident swimsuit at the pool or the beach. 

AffDerm in the News: Reshape Your Body

“If it’s squeeze-able, it’s freeze-able,” says Certified CoolSculpting Provider Reilly Hartman of Affiliated Dermatology. To learn more about this fat freezing treatment, and to secure a special offer, check out Reilly’s segment on Sonoran Living.

CoolSculpting® Wins NewBeauty Award 5th Year in a Row!

You know your one friend that always has the best beauty and health secrets? Well, we think we know her source! NewBeauty releases an annual list of its top products and treatments, which is based on real feedback and suggestions. Guess what? CoolSculpting® is on the list…again!