PCA SKIN® Case Studies

Case Study Opportunities

Affiliated Dermatology is proud to work closely with PCA SKIN® by connecting patients to case study opportunities. PCA SKIN® recruits on a regular basis to develop safe, highly effective products that deliver results for many different skin conditions. In support of healthy skin, we will post case study information and skin types needed for PCA SKIN® here.

Who is an ideal candidate?

PCA SKIN® is actively recruiting potential candidates for multiple product studies designed for an at-home daily regimen. PCA SKIN® is seeking candidates with:

  • Case Study #1: Mild-to-moderate acne breakouts
  • Case Study #2: Defined discolorations (not melasma) or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (age range: 25-55)
  • Case Study #3: Aging skin defined by laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles

Ideal candidates are those who have NOT received injectables, such as collagen, Botox or other dermal fillers, within the last 6 months. Those that have received these services within the last 6 months, will not qualify for a case study. All candidates are provided with a daily care product regimen and will be required to visit PCA SKIN® at 6210 E Thomas Road in Scottsdale for an initial consultation and follow-up visits every two weeks to track progress and capture photos. PCA Skin® case studies typically last 12 weeks.

How to apply?

Candidates MUST send a close-up photo(s) AND phone number to PCA SKIN® at casestudies@pcaskin.com in order to be considered for the trial. Photo guidelines:

  • No makeup
  • Natural lighting
  • Straight faced, forward and profile pictures (similar to a headshot with a close up of your face)

Affiliated Dermatology DOES NOT recruit candidates. If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact PCA SKIN® directly by sending your phone number and close-up photo(s) to casestudies@pcaskin.com.