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So, you saw us on TV and you’re wondering what sets us apart from other dermatology practices?

Your skin health is important to us and we are dedicated to help inspire and empower you to make healthy, educated decisions about skincare for you and your family. At Affiliated Dermatology®, we have you covered for full-body skin exams, rashes, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, unusual spots, and difficult-to-diagnose skin conditions. Our team is expertly trained, friendly, and ready to help you with your skin questions or concerns.

When should you see a dermatologist? Suspicious mole or unusual lesion? Itchy or burning rash? Struggling with mild-to-severe acne? Strange allergic reaction? Painful sores? Crusty lumps or bumps? Need we go on? Not to mention, skin cancer is asymptomatic which means spots on the skin won’t necessarily itch or hurt. A new spot on the skin or a spot that’s changing in size, shape, or color is the most important warning sign for skin cancer. As a full-service dermatology group, we offer services in medical dermatology, skin cancer detection and treatment, Mohs surgery, and allergy solutions.

  • New patients welcome
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Same-day appointment availability
  • TeleDerm appointments available
  • Skincare services for all ages and conditions
  • Hablamos Español
  • 8 valley-wide locations

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (602) 233-3376 or leave us a message using the contact form above.

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How to Avoid Common Sunscreen Mistakes

Sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer, sunburns and premature skin aging but only if used properly. The experts at Affiliated Dermatology want you to avoid the most common sunscreen mistakes.

What is a Margarita Rash?

The so-called “margarita rash” is a skin condition that can occur when a chemical compound found in limes interacts with sunlight. The rash could cause scarring, but that’s rare. The rash that develops is quite itchy at first and then it might get irritated and painful, potentially turn a dark red on your skin. Avoid this rash by carefully mixing drinks outside, and avoid handling citrus fruits before heading to the pool.

Happy Patients

I was referred to Affiliated Dermatology by my primary care physician and I’m so happy he did. The scheduling process was easy and I didn’t have a long wait to get in for an appointment, which I appreciated since my schedule limits my free time. No one wants to go to the doctor but if I need a dermatologist again my first call will be to Affiliated Dermatology.

Wendy R.

Saw Dr Lam for possible basal cell carcinoma on my face and chest.  He did a whole body scan and found a few questionable spots which were sampled and sent out for testing.  I loved Dr. Lam.  It’s uncomfortable to be naked and have someone look over your whole body with a magnifying glass, but he made it as comfortable as it could possibly get.  Wait time was very short, the entire staff was friendly, and the place was clean!  Dr. Lam was knowledgeable and compassionate.  They also do MOHS at this location if you have skin cancer.  I would definitely go back here again for all my skin cancer needs.


This place is fantastic! I was seen for some concerning spots in my skin that I feared were cancerous or pre-cancerous. I was seen very quickly, received exceptional care, and left with a solid understanding of what my options were for treatment and what my insurance would/wouldn’t cover. I’ve had providers in the past just prescribe something without knowing if it would be covered. Affiliated Dermatology made sure to take the time to run everything through first so I knew what I was facing. I would recommend them to anyone!


This is one of the best dermatology offices in Phoenix. The doctors are very professional. They saw me quickly and knew how to treat me correctly. Within a few weeks, my skin issue was resolved and I did not have to worry. I recommend this office 100%.


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