What is Renuva?

With age, the body loses fat and collagen naturally over time, causing the skin to look thin and wrinkled. Renuva is a groundbreaking, off-the-shelf treatment to replenish age-related volume loss in the hands, face and other body areas, and it’s only in the hands of elite injectors.

The goal of Renuva is to offer a natural and minimally invasive solution for addressing the loss of fat and collagen that occurs with age. This approach can provide an alternative to more invasive procedures, which often involve more significant downtime.

How does Renuva work?

Renuva can revolumize your hands, restoring a youthful and healthy appearance. It’s the first and only treatment that, when injected into areas such as the face, hands and other areas of the body, is eventually replaced by your body’s own fat cells.

  1. Injection – Renuva is injected into the target area, creating a honeycomb-like matrix. The treatment acts as a scaffold or framework for your body’s own fat cells.
  2. Gradual Replacement – Over the course of 3 to 6 months post-treatment, on average, the Renuva matrix is gradually replaced by your body’s natural fat cells.
  3. Longevity – The fat lasts as long as your body’s own fat cells naturally last. General data from several National Institutes of Health (NIH) research studies report that fat cells live up to ten years or more.

Why Renuva?

Renuva is ideal for getting the shape and skin texture that you want – experience beautiful, age-defying results, with no downtime!

Renuva aims to provide long-lasting results by encouraging the growth and retention of natural fat cells, making it an appealing option for individuals seeking a more youthful and healthy appearance without the need for frequent touch-up treatments.

In addition to replenishing age-related volume loss in the face, neck, hands and other body areas, Renuva is a highly effective solution for volumizing small contour deficiencies in the buttocks and hips.

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