If you want to improve your life, you don’t have to take drastic measures. In fact, some of the most meaningful changes you could make are also some of the easiest to work into your routine.

With a few tiny tweaks, you can improve your skin health, happiness, and overall outlook on life. We’re sharing six simple steps to get you started.

1. Master Your Mornings 

One of the easiest ways to improve your life is to make sure you start every day off right. Try to rise with the sun every morning and take the first few moments after opening your eyes to practice mindful breathing or even a quick wake-up yoga routine. Once your feet hit the floor, make your bed before doing anything else and then make some time to relax with a healthy, filling breakfast.

Next comes a good shower or facial cleansing; in addition to skin moisturizing, some may apply a hydrator to retain moisture or use a serum with “actives” like peptides and antioxidants to get a healthy-looking glow. Acing your morning routine can help set you up to take on whatever comes during the rest of your day.

2. Get Moving and Get Right 

Exercise is vital for sustained health and can be especially beneficial to those recovering from addiction. The Recovery Village points out that sustained exercise plans can help those in recovery feel better and find more focus in their battle against addiction. Find simple ways to get your heart pumping, like biking to the grocery store or taking your dog for a walk. Not a fan of getting outside? Joining a gym is a great way to get in a consistent workout, no matter the weather or season. Gyms also offer a wider range of equipment and classes to help keep you from getting bored, so think about whether a membership could be right for you.

Whether your workout is at a gym, outside or in your home, investing in a quality set of headphones or earbuds is a good idea as part of your strategy to stay motivated. What better way to get through your routine than with your favorite songs or podcasts? Shop for headphones that are noise-cancelling, and, if you’re tired of dealing with loose cords while you’re moving, look into Bluetooth-enabled earbuds that allow you to go wireless.

3. Learn How to Cook 

Cooking can be such a simple stress reliever and the meals you prepare at home are bound to be healthier than anything you could get out and about. You can master simple, healthy recipes from the comfort of your own home or enroll in a local cooking class to get you started. Visit a farmers market or learn to enjoy shopping for your meals. By selecting and preparing your own food, you will have more control over nutrition and a sense of satisfaction at being able to whip up a yummy meal yourself. 

Be sure to incorporate the variety of foods that promote skin health, such as ginger, tomatoes and Chia seeds. Our dermatologists suggest sticking to a diet with plenty of fiber, high-quality lean proteins, healthy oils, raw veggies and fruits.

4. Make Over Your Wardrobe 

Closet feeling a little stale or empty? Celebrate your accomplishments by treating yourself to some updated outfits. Try trading in your old clothes or donating them to a local shelter and then have a little fun filling your closet with fresh finds. Need some help adding some useful updates? Look for simple style tips and suggestions to fit your taste and life but don’t be afraid to try something new! Now is the time for renewal, so let your confidence shine through in your clothing, shoes, and accessory choices.  

5. Indulge in Self-Care 

Finding ways to relax is becoming more and more important in this stressful, hectic world. Reducing stress is also important for those in recovery, as stress can lead to relapses. Take a major timeout by booking a day at the spa. Treating yourself to the bliss of a massage or facial can help you feel more calm and in control, while helping to boost your self-esteem. So relax, recharge, and take a retreat from the hustle and bustle of your life. You deserve it!  

6. Reduce Stress at Home 

You’ve booked a facial, but you can relieve stress at home as well by decluttering. Clutter can make it difficult to focus, which brings on stress. Create a more positive space by organizing your home and throwing away, donating, or selling items you haven’t used in over a year.

We can all learn to improve our lives and ourselves as time goes by, but having a good blueprint for self-improvement can be especially beneficial when dealing with major life challenges. With a handful of modest adjustments to your everyday life, you can make a major transformation in your happiness, your wellness, and your overall quality of life.

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