The sun’s rays may be more powerful than you think! Sun poisoning is when a sunburn is so bad, you start to have other symptoms that may feel like flu symptoms. Dr. Mitchell Manway from Affiliated Dermatology explained what it can do to your body’s largest organ.

“It’s essentially like the same process but way worse. It’s basically taking a first-degree burn and turning it into a third-degree burn. You get some of that blistering you get some of that peeling, people can be pretty miserable and it can mess with your hydration level because you’re so flushed your skin can’t keep that moisture in,” he said.

Dr. Manway discusses the symptoms of sun poisoning with Heidi Goitia on CBS 5 and how you can treat this skin condition at home. View the full interview.

Don’t forget the SPF when you’re out and about this weekend, wearing sunscreen reduces your risk of skin cancer significantly! If you are experiencing any sun poisoning symptoms and they are not clearing up, schedule an appointment with us today!

Originally published by Heidi Goitia, CBS 5 Traffic Anchor. “Sun poisoning symptoms can mimic that of the flu, doctors say.” August 9, 2019.