With Arizona moving into spring, you may hear people complaining about having a runny nose, watery eyes or itchy skin as allergy season kicks into gear.

The seasonal affliction not only can cause the above symptoms, but also fatigue.

“Allergies are essentially preoccupying your body with headaches, nasal passage inflammation, asthma, rashes of the skin,” Dr. Andrew Newman with Affiliated Dermatology said. “With this, your body is drained of energy.”

Newman said that fatigue could also stem from bad sleep.

“Allergies can block your nasal passages in such a way that you’re actually having difficulty sleeping,” he said. “That trouble with sleep can also lead to some form of fatigue.”

But Newman said there could be some hope for suffers through over-the-counter antihistamines.

“Non-sedating always recommended … (instead of) Benadryl,” he said. “(Benadryl) has a good effect as well but it’s going to make you sleepy.”

According to WebMD, some of the most common allergy triggers are pollen, animal dander and insect stings.

Contact dermatitis is a common skin condition with allergies. The offending material can cause skin to break out in rashes or itchy hives.