For nearly four decades, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has taken place every October. Organized by the American Cancer Society, the month-long campaign originated in the U.S. but has since spread worldwide.  

In honor of this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve created a guide to everything you should know about this important occasion and what it means.

When is Breast Cancer Awareness Day?

Although the entire month of October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 13th is specifically set aside as Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

October 21st, 2022, will be celebrated as National Mammography Day.

What is the Purpose of Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer, with more than 287,000 U.S. women expected to receive a breast cancer diagnosis in 2022 alone. Effective treatment options, along with preventive screenings, are the best way to reduce the risk of breast cancer death. 

Therefore, Breast Cancer Awareness Month seeks to educate people about early detection and prevention methods and promote fundraising for breast cancer research. 

How to Observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has an entire calendar of ways you can support and honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month – here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Learn about early detection.

When detected early, breast cancer can often be treated successfully – yet many people are unaware of the steps they should be taking. There’s no better time than Breast Cancer Awareness Month to learn:


Share cancer education information on social media.

Social media is the perfect platform for spreading awareness on important topics such as breast cancer prevention and treatment. You can follow the National Breast Cancer Foundation on platforms such as Instagram, where you’ll find plenty of shareable posts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022.

Organize a fundraising event.

October is the biggest month for fundraising for breast cancer research and awareness – why not host your own event? Events can be in-person or virtual and take on a variety of forms. Whether you put together a workplace raffle or a large-scale community concert, your efforts will be appreciated. 

Donate to life-saving prevention efforts, education, and support.

When you donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, you can choose where you want to direct the funds. Request for your donation to be used for free mammograms, support services, education programs, and other causes, or let the NBCF use the funds for areas of greatest need.

Prioritize Cancer Prevention with Help from Affiliated Dermatology

Early detection and prevention are the best way to reduce your cancer risks across the board. And with ongoing medical research finding that breast cancer survivors may be at an increased risk for developing melanoma – and vice versa – both skin and breast cancer prevention are proving to be highly important. 

The experienced professionals at Affiliated Dermatology are dedicated to supporting our patients through services, including skin cancer screenings and advanced treatment options, available at our numerous office locations throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Get more information about what you can do to combat the risk of cancer when you contact Affiliated Dermatology today.

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