The holidays can be a stressful time of year, especially for your skin. But with a savvy skincare regimen and some handy tips from our dermatology experts, you can do more than just survive the holiday season – you can thrive with a gorgeous, glowing complexion!

Nothing puts a damper on holiday festivities like pesky blemishes, irritation, or frustrating flare-ups of eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. Since these issues are all linked to stress, it’s no surprise that they frequently show up during the holiday season. And even though minimizing stress can be a challenge during the busiest time of year, giving your skin some extra TLC can definitely help you get that wintertime glow.

We’ve rounded up our top holiday skincare/makeup tips for clear, youthful skin below – time to let it glow!

1. Set your skin up for success with professional-quality skincare products.

No matter what time of year it is, having a solid skincare regimen is a necessity. But even though it might be tempting to grab whatever inexpensive cleansers and creams you see at the local drugstore, your skin deserves better than that. Instead, invest in professional-quality products formulated for optimal skin health.

2. Stay hydrated.

During our hot Arizona summers, it’s easy to remember to drink plenty of water. But once it cools off for winter, hydration often gets put on the back burner. And with many people consuming more alcohol and salty foods during the holiday season, skin can quickly become dehydrated – and puffiness, uneven texture, and breakouts are a dead giveaway.

It’s equally important to incorporate hydrating products into your regular routine to keep your complexion fresh, soft, and healthy. For an extra boost of helpful hydration, few things compare to a HydraFacial. It delivers instant results by removing dead skin cells, deeply cleansing, and nurturing your skin with soothing, moisturizing serums.

3. Always remove your makeup before going to sleep.

Most of us know that sleeping with makeup on our skin can cause clogged pores and stubborn breakouts. Even after a busy day or long evening of holiday festivities, taking a few moments to properly cleanse your skin is a necessity.

It takes just a few minutes, but will save you days (and even weeks!) worth of hard-to-cover zits and irritated skin.

4. Treat yourself to a therapeutic face mask or professional facial.

What better way to get your holiday glow on than with a professional face mask or medical-grade facial? Showing your skin a little extra love will help it look its best and most beautiful all winter long, so you can feel fabulous at all your holiday events.

Whether your priority is to exfoliate, clarify, soothe, or brighten your complexion – or all of the above – there are options to suit your skincare goals.

Affiliated Dermatology: Making Spirits (and Your Skin!) Bright this Holiday Season

The skincare experts at Affiliated Dermatology can help you achieve a gorgeous glow this winter with a personalized treatment plan that fits your unique needs. Visit our dermatology offices in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Deer Valley, Anthem, Surprise, Ahwatukee, or Tempe to get a head start on holiday beauty prep today!

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