Men and women are interested in treating the wrinkles on forehead, crow’s feet, and treating the “11s” that make someone look mad or upset, according to Carmen Rayis of Affiliated Dermatology. Botox is a good option for that.

For those looking to treat downturned corners of the mouth and lifting sagging skin, fillers can be placed in the cheeks and lips.

“Nonsurgical enhancement is attractive because patients are sometimes worried about surgery,” Rayis says. “From a price point fillers and Botox can be reasonable, considering their alternatives.”

And Botox and fillers aren’t just for faces anymore. In fact, they are used to improve the look of sagging, wrinkly earlobes and even improve the look of your hands.

“Dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can be injected in sagging earlobes that have been stretched out from earrings or wrinkled from sun exposure,” Rayis explains.

A few years ago, Radiesse became the first FDA-approved filler for the back of the hands. Then Restylane recently received its approval last year.

“Since its approval, a buzz was created for a treatment that can make your hands appear youthful,” Rayis says. “Hyaluronic acid gel filler is placed under the skin of the back of the hands to replace volume. The hands look less ‘skinny’ and the veins become less prominent.”

Nicole Morrison decided to get fillers in her hands, and Rayis did the procedure for her several months ago.

“It is like they took 10 years off of them,” Morrison said. “I can look down proudly now and see hands that really represent how I feel inside. My skin is getting thinner and this has plumped them up. Less wrinkles.”