Skincare has gone viral in a big way thanks to social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube – and it often seems like there are new skincare trends to try every day. Yet it can be difficult to recognize which of the most talked about subjects will stand the test of time and which ones should be left behind. 

At Affiliated Dermatology®, our dermatologists weigh in on some of today’s top trends in skin care, giving you a professional viewpoint on the products worth trying.


Skin care trends


Cleansing Bars

As consumers become increasingly aware of sustainability and eco-friendly practices, plastic-free packaging will likely be a significant focus over the next few years.

The cleansing bar is one of the most popular products in the sustainable skincare market right now.

Skincare cleansing bars are a solid form of liquid cleansers or face washes, resembling a traditional bar of soap (although they don’t contain standard soap). Since cleansing bars don’t require the same glass or plastic packaging as liquid products, they are viewed as far more environmentally conscious.

Instead, mindful packaging materials like compostable and recyclable papers are often used. The lighter packaging materials also equal less energy needed for shipping and delivery.

So, what exactly is in a skin cleansing bar? There’s no shortage of options regarding formulations, with brands offering bar-based products for virtually every skin type and need. Most are designed to remove makeup, excess sebum, and other everyday impurities, and many features targeted ingredients such as coconut oil, charcoal, and tea tree oil. 



Neck and jaw line care


Cleansing Balms

Cleansing balms are a staple in proper skin cleansing, especially among skincare aficionados practicing the new double cleanse method. These balms can come in many forms, including liquid and solid products, and are an effective way to remove makeup, sunscreen, and surface-level grease and grime.

A few factors have made cleansing balms so popular, not the least of which is how easy they are to use.

Also, individuals with dry or sensitive skin can look forward to a proper cleansing that doesn’t leave their skin feeling irritated, tight, or thirsty for hydration. 



Lotion skin care


Niacinamide-Spiked Products

Niacinamide, a topical form of vitamin B3 has become the newest darling of the skincare world, and for a good reason. Although niacinamide used to receive far less attention than its fellow anti-aging superstars like glycolic acid or retinoids, it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. 

In skincare, niacinamide has been shown to provide exceptional hydration and reduce the visible signs of skin aging. Niacinamide boosts collagen production and encourages smoother texture and a more even tone. Studies have also found that niacinamide is an excellent option for individuals with acne or rosacea because it may help improve the skin barrier’s function while balancing oil production. 

In other words, niacinamide is an ingredient to consider adding to your skincare routine.



Body Retinol

Skincare is going beyond the face, with one of the year’s most recent trends expanding the focus to the entire body. Body care has risen in popularity, especially with body retinol. From your décolletage to your hands, body products with retinol offer innovative new formulas to maintain skin health and target the signs of aging.



Jaw and Neckline care


Neck/Jawline Care

This season is also highlighting the importance of skincare for the neck and jawline, two areas that are often forgotten. Particularly with the dramatic increase in time spent looking down at phones and other devices, people notice more fine lines and laxity around their necks. As a result, there is a new interest in neck creams formulated for these concerns, as well as professional procedures such as microneedling.

The jawline is also better cared for with specialized products and treatment methods, which isn’t surprising when you consider that highlighting the jaw is a popular new makeup trend.


Cooling Skin Care

Some of the hottest skincare topics are bringing the temperature down, both with at-home products and professional-grade services. For example, cooling facial globes, metal tip applicators, and ice rollers are now everywhere you turn. These tools offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience and can help temporarily shrink pores, reduce puffiness, and boost the appearance of firmness.

Expect to see cooling ingredients in products as well, especially therapeutic face masks. Menthol, peppermint, cucumber, and aloe vera can all offer a pleasant cooling sensation when applied to the skin and can be particularly well-suited for sensitive skin.


The best skin care


Simplified Routines

Complicated regimens are a thing of the past; now, paring down your skincare routine has become the way to go. More people realize that it’s all about quality, not quantity when it comes to the selected skin care products that earn a spot in their everyday routine. 

Until recently, many people were overusing skin care products, disrupting their skin’s natural barrier and microbiome. People who use cosmetics containing unnecessary ingredients risk developing acne, irritations, and other skin conditions. So, it only makes sense that the pendulum has swung back in the other direction – and in our professional opinion, it’s for the better. 

This trend is about seeking out products that can provide multiple benefits, prioritizing efficacy and customized care. Not only could this mean your routine will require less time and money, but streamlining your skincare can translate into happier, healthier skin overall.



Skin care


Professional Skin Care Based On Your Needs – Not Just Trends

Ultimately, there isn’t a “perfect” skincare trend, product, or method, mainly because everyone has their own skin concerns, needs, goals, and challenges. 

For optimal results, working with a professional dermatologist is key. 

Our knowledgeable teams can analyze your skin at our Phoenix dermatology offices to provide personalized recommendations, treatment regimens, and more.

Whether you’re searching for the best new skincare products or are interested in professional-level treatments, Affiliated Dermatology® can help. And because we provide medical and aesthetic dermatology services, we can serve a broad range of patient needs. Learn more about how to achieve healthy, beautiful skin when you schedule a consultation at one of our dermatology offices in Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale, or any other locations throughout the Valley today!