Does beauty sleep really exist? The answer is yes!Sleep equals health, and health equals beauty. If we neglect our need for sleep, then we will experience many undesirable changes to our appearance.

“Beauty sleep is a real thing,” explained Dr. Andrew Newman from Affiliated Dermatology. “When we start to lose sleep, we do notice some significant changes – typically undesirable changes – in our appearance.”

He said the more sleep we get the younger we’ll look.

To start, our eyes become more bloodshot while our eyelids retain fluid, yielding drooping baggy eyes. Plus, the natural veins in our eyelids awaken from hibernation, giving the eyes unsightly purple halos. He said losing sleep can result in bloodshot eyes, maybe that purple halo around our eyes or even the appearance of black eyes. This is because the veins in our eyelids become more pronounced when we don’t get enough rest. To make matters worse, when we’re tired we tend to be grumpy and it shows. Our facial expressions after loss of healthy sleep is another can of worms. In fact, a loss of sleep gives our face a look of frustration and dissatisfaction due our eyebrows squinting inward and the corners of our mouths down-turned, respectively. To prevent this, get more healthy sleep.
“Your eyebrows start to come together and make an uncomfortable squint,” said Newman. “This facial expression is really unpleasant.”
The good news is there are several things you can do to make it look like you’re well rested even if you aren’t. First on the list is making sure you’re well hydrated.
“So when we start to dehydrate ourselves we get more dry skin, more fine wrinkles, it does show,” he said.
If you struggle with puffy eyes he says to be sure you keep tea bags handy. You just have to dampen the tea bag and let it sit on your eyes for about 10 minutes. If you still have trouble controlling eyelid bags, then try applying damp tea bags to your under eyes. This natural home remedy is a true eye opener!
“There are some ingredients in the tea bags that will actually constrict those vessels in and around the eyelid and it helps with the puffiness,” said Newman.
He also says chronic allergies can lead to what he calls “allergy shiners” so be sure you get those under control. If you have allergies, controlling them will also help prevent eyelid bags (specifically termed “allergic shiners”).
Additionally, avoid alcohol, it really does impact how we look the next day. Aside from sleeping more, drinking less alcoholic beverages prior to bedtime is essential to lessen baggy eyelids.
Finally, boost your mood with 1-2 cups of tea or coffee. This will help relax any uninviting facial expressions and give you back your vibrant and youthful appearance.
If you’re still looking sleepy even after trying out these tips and tricks, book a complimentary aesthetic consultation with one of our providers to design a custom treatment plan specific to your skin goals and lifestyle. Contact us today for an appointment at one of our valley-wide locations in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Deer Valley, Surprise, Anthem and Ahwatukee, AZ.
Originally published by Heidi Goitia for 3TV/CBS 5. “Does beauty sleep really exist?” August 8, 2018. Copyright 2018 KPHO/KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.