Dry skin is actually just inflammation typically caused by seborrhea, but also could be caused by other skin conditions, as well as skin cancer.


Skin cancers can appear as dry areas of skin over the scalp and if you are concerned for a skin cancer or if you have some of the risk factors for skin cancers as stated above, then we recommend you visit the dermatologist for evaluation.

When to See a Doctor About Your Dry Skin

“Getting real for a moment: dry skin could mean skin cancer. Skin cancer can increase the sloughing of skin and fool us into believing it’s simply lacking moisture. In the Phoenix/Scottsdale valley of Arizona–the land of intense sun radiation, us dermatologists see this all day, everyday. In my office, a patient above age 40, dry-appearing spots on the forehead and face have a 50% chance of being (or becoming) early skin cancers.

Second point: less is more. Less is more when it comes to applying skin products on the face. If your face is red or irritated in anyway, it’s almost always a skin product. While many over-the-counter and herbal remedies can help with dry skin, they can just as easily be irritating to your skin. Tried and true moisturizers like Vanicream, Eucerin, Aveeno, and Cerave are excellent and usually this is all you need for dry skin.”

— Andrew J. Newman, DO, Affiliated Dermatology

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