When it comes to wedding day preparations, juggling the details can be challenging. As the bride-to-be, you should be prioritizing yourself as well. Every bride wants to look and feel like her most beautiful self on her special day, and the latest advancements in aesthetic treatments make that easier than ever before. 

When it comes to aesthetics, 2022 is a year in which there have been tons of options – and plenty of hot new trends – for enhancing your bridal beauty. From perfecting your skin to refining the shape of your body, here are some of the most talked-about treatments to consider.

Top 2022 Aesthetic Trends for Brides

Whether you want to be an ethereal, all-natural, or glamorous bride, there are a variety of aesthetic treatments to match. No matter what dress, hairstyle, or makeup you plan to wear, these 2022 aesthetic trends give you an incredible confidence boost.

Body Contouring

Working towards a pre-wedding slimdown is a goal for so many to-be brides. But sometimes, no matter how committed you are to your nutrition and fitness, certain areas of fat can refuse to budge. Body contouring lets you attack those trouble spots via non-invasive procedures requiring little recovery time. 

With body contouring, you can target specific areas like:


CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved body contouring treatment that applies cold temperatures to your desired areas, freezing fat cells so your body can naturally eliminate them. The treatment experience is simple, straightforward, and comfortable, taking less than an hour per session. 

Especially if you’ve worked hard to lose weight before your wedding, CoolSculpting can be the perfect way to highlight your new shape.

Body sculpting

When to Get It: CoolSculpting treatment plans usually include one to three sessions, and results reach their full potential within a few months after each session. So, you may want to get a head start by scheduling CoolSculpting as soon as possible before your wedding date.


Laser Hair Removal

Wouldn’t it be nice to have silky-smooth, hair-free skin for your wedding – and be able to skip shaving and waxing in the future? Laser hair therapy has become a widespread treatment for individuals interested in getting rid of unwanted hair for good. 

Whether you opt to treat large areas like your legs, arms, or bikini zone or just zone in on small spots like your lip or chin, laser hair removal is a smart solution for the long term. At Affiliated Dermatology, we use the Soprano ICE approach to provide rapid, painless, and effective treatment for all skin tones and hair types.

Aesthetic Trends for Brides 2

When to Get It: Make sure to schedule a consultation as soon as possible because every individual requires a customized treatment schedule based on their needs and goals. Ideally, you’ll get laser hair removal several months before your wedding.

Professional-Grade Skin Care

If there was ever a time to stop using mass-market skin care products, this is it. The large majority of products you find at your local big box store cannot compare to industry-leading brands like EltaMD, La Roche-Posay, SkinMedica, and others. To achieve that bridal glow, you should consider investing in professional-quality skin care products.

Premium skin care is made with high-end ingredients, relying on expertly-crafted formulations to deliver a full range of benefits. Depending on your unique needs and skin type, you can choose from over-the-counter or medical-grade skin care. 

Professional-Grade Skin Care

When to Get It: A consistent skin care regimen makes a world of difference when it comes to your skin. Upgrade your product routine as soon as possible so that you can maximize your results. However, even if your wedding is just a few months or weeks away, incorporating professional-grade skin care products is well worth it.

Medical-Grade and Therapeutic Facials

As a bride, self-care is a necessity – especially throughout the hectic wedding planning process. The stress of your upcoming nuptials can wreak havoc on your skin, triggering breakouts, inflammation, and other issues. 

Additionally, you might find that you’re particularly committed to resolving long-standing skin concerns before the wedding. Making it a perfect time to treat yourself to a medical-grade facial or therapeutic face mask. Whether you plan just one or a series of appointments, professional facials can be the key to uncovering happier, healthier skin.

2022 brides are incorporating facials as a way to:


Before reaching for an at-home face mask, it’s important to understand that medical-grade facials and professional therapeutic treatments are far more effective. Not only are the actual product ingredients of the highest quality, but they are performed by a trained professional who is well-equipped to suggest options for reaching your goals. 

Let Affiliated Dermatology Help You Feel Beautiful on Your Big Day 

You deserve to feel your very best when you say, “I do,” and our Phoenix aesthetic dermatology providers can help.

At Affiliated Dermatology, we know that every patient is unique – which is why we provide completely customized care. We won’t pressure you into purchasing generic beauty packages or treatment plans because our goal is to put your wants and needs first. Our trained professionals have the experience and skill necessary to tailor treatments according to your goals, budget, and preferences. 

For more information about our aesthetic services, contact the Affiliated Dermatology office near you today.


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