Things that you peel: Bananas, string cheese, wallpaper, stickers, oranges, onions, chocolate wrappers, tape, dead skin…your face?chemical peel is a procedure which uses a mild acid to help remove dead or damaged skin and stimulates the skin to develop new skin cells. The old skin peels off (hence the name) and reveals the beautiful new skin underneath! 

A chemical peel may sound intimidating, but the results are undeniable in how you feel about your skin. Chemical peels are customized to your skin goals to help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Miracles exist.

Chemical peels can work miracles. They are known for getting rid of small acne scars, shrinking pores, clearing up acne, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, melasma, and correcting skin discoloration. While many treatments for these issues are expensive, invasive and require downtime afterwards, several peels are designed to achieve results without all that noise!

“Age spots and sun spots can be very difficult to treat but there are some topical therapies that patients may benefit from. Retinoids and chemical peels can promote exfoliation and can lighten or lessen the appearance of these pigmentary lesions over time.”

— Dr. Manway, DO | Affiliated Dermatology

There are no banana peels.

There are several different types of peels and which one you use depends on your skin type and what you are hoping to achieve. Affiliated Dermatology in Phoenix, offers several options including the PCA Skin Sensi Peel, the PCA peel, and the Ultra Peel. None of them are as tasty as bananas but the aftertaste is way better!

    • Sensi Peel: A peel designed for those with highly sensitive skin and is very gentle compared to other peels. The effect will not be quite so dramatic but the difference will be noticeable. Surface texture and skin tone will be improved. It is also recommended for ethnic skin tones.
    • PCA Peel: This is for oilier and stronger skin types. It provides a deeper treatment and is ideal for people with cystic acne, sun damage, or thickened skin.
    • Ultra Peel: Specifically formulated to improve fine line and wrinkles while creating an even skin tone and clear complexion.

Zombie apocalypse on my face?

The treatment is only about 30 minutes from start to finish. No downtime is needed, but no makeup should be worn and peeling may occur for a few days. Remember, this is brand new skin revealing itself and it always needs protecting with a healthy layer of sunscreen. Some people experience more peeling than others. One blogger described herself as a zombie as she started to peel, but not everyone experiences so much peeling. In fact, some people don’t see any peeling because it occurs at such a microscopic level.

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