When you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into diet and exercise, it can be very frustrating to see your results fall short of expectations. But if you’re struggling to get rid of stubborn fat or tighten certain areas of your body, you aren’t alone – and there are effective solutions that can help.

At Affiliated Dermatology, we have supported a diverse range of patients in achieving their goals with our CoolSculpting body contouring treatments near Phoenix. For anyone interested in targeting specific areas of unwanted fat, CoolSculpting can be an outstanding option. 

Let’s talk about the what, how, and why of CoolSculpting, so you can decide if it’s a treatment you’d like to explore.

What is CoolSculpting?

Also known as “cryolipolysis,” CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-invasive body contouring procedure designed to reduce fat in targeted areas. 

It is one of the most popular body sculpting procedures in the United States because it can produce outstanding results with minimal risk and no downtime. The treatments take as little as 35 minutes and are performed by certified technicians.

Potential CoolSculpting treatment areas include the following:


Each CoolSculpting treatment is tailored according to the individual’s body, goals, and budget. 

How CoolSculpting Works

CoolSculpting is a form of cryolipolysis which utilizes freezing temperatures to break down targeted fat cells. Cold temperatures do not harm other cells (such as skin or tissue) but can specifically be used to get rid of fat cells.

During the CoolSculpting procedure, the technician uses a specialized “vacuum” to pull the skin of the target area into an applicator. There, cold temperatures are applied to numb the area, cooling the fat cells underneath the skin. The frozen fat cells gradually die off and are then naturally processed and expelled by the body. During the weeks and months after treatment, results continue to improve as the fat cells exit the body.

Because no surgery is involved, patients generally return to their normal daily activities immediately after treatments. 

CoolSculpting legs

What Are Some of the Reasons to Consider CoolSculpting Treatments?

After the FDA approved CoolSculpting for the treatment of “love handles” in 2010, a growing number of people began discovering how the innovative body contouring treatment could transform their bodies. Since then, CoolSculpting technology has continued to advance and has gained FDA clearance for treatment in many other areas of the body. 

Millions of CoolSculpting treatments have been completed worldwide and for a good reason. Here are just a few of the advantages CoolSculpting can offer.


CoolSculpting is a non-invasive process requiring no anesthesia or major recovery.

Unlike surgical body sculpting procedures like liposuction, CoolSculpting is non-invasive. No incisions or injections are needed, and you won’t be put under anesthesia. As a result, the risks of CoolSculpting are far less than comparable treatments. Also, you won’t need to spend time in recovery or worry about scarring.


With CoolSculpting, you can target specific areas and see measurable results.

Many different areas of the body effectively respond to CoolSculpting. So, you can target just one – or many – areas where your body is holding on to excess fat. The results of CoolSculpting are impressive, especially considering no surgery is involved. 


CoolSculpting results are permanent.

CoolSculpting destroys fat cells, so those specific pockets of fat are gone for good. So long as you maintain your weight with proper exercise and nutritional habits, your “new body” is yours forever.


CoolSculpting treatments are customized for your needs.

Each patient’s body is unique, as are their aesthetic goals. CoolSculpting can be tailored to suit your preferences, allowing you to create your ideal body shape easily. 

If you’re wondering about the cost of CoolSculpting, the ability to customize treatments will also be a financial benefit. Your treatment plan can be adjusted according to your budget, putting CoolSculpting within easy reach.


CoolSculpting is a no-hassle, comfortable process.

Many patients are surprised to learn that CoolSculpting is relatively painless. It’s not unusual for patients to spend their sessions reading, chatting with the technician, or enjoying other relaxing activities. 

You might notice some mild soreness after the treatment, comparable to the feeling you may have after a good workout. But otherwise, the experience is generally comfortable. 

What is CoolSculpting

How Do I Learn More About CoolSculpting?

Before you decide to move forward with CoolSculpting, you’ll want to schedule a consultation appointment with a trusted provider. During the appointment, you can get answers to your questions and learn what to expect, how to prepare, and what results may look like.

When it comes to CoolSculpting, the best results are typically achieved with a treatment plan that has been customized to suit your needs and goals. The Affiliated Dermatology team meets with every patient before their treatment, creating personalized plans.

Our consultation appointments are designed to provide an open, welcoming environment where you can learn about CoolSculpting and whether it’s the right fit. And if you decide to go another route to achieve your aesthetic goals, we have an extensive selection of services to consider.


CoolSculpting near Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and the Valley

If you’re interested in non-surgical body contouring, finding the best CoolSculpting provider is key. Like any aesthetic procedure, CoolSculpting requires training, experience, and skill – and at Affiliated Dermatology, you can be confident in our talented team of professionals.

With multiple locations across the Valley, Affiliated Dermatology offers advanced aesthetic and medical services that can help you boost your health, wellness, and confidence. Let us help you look and feel like the best version of yourself; contact us to schedule a consultation appointment now!


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