Surprise Surprise! Lip Fillers?!

Guess who got lip fillers? Growing up, I was so fascinated with the Asian beauty standard of having small lips. I actually used to conceal my lips and used a light lipstick on the inner part of my lips, basically creating that gradient look. When the whole Kylie Jenner lips ordeal happened, I slowly fell in love with the look of fuller lips. My lips never bothered me but I never liked how it looked when I wasn’t smiling (keeping a straight face).


What Did My Family/Friends Think?

After talking about getting lip fillers to a couple of people: my friends, mom, and boyfriend. I have gotten mixed feelings from each and every one of them. Some of my friends said to go for it, while others said I look fine and don’t need to do anything done. My mom strongly disapproved. Let me tell you, she was not happy at all. My boyfriend… Well, he didn’t really care to be honest.

Also, I’d like to share with you a funny story with my boyfriend’s aunt. Two days after the procedure, I went back to work and I work with one of my boyfriend’s aunt. She asked me, “what did you do?” At first, I was confused and I said: “what do you mean?” Then she replied, “I know you did something. What did you do?” I was still confused and thought there’s no way she knows about my lip fillers, so I asked her “Wait, did my boyfriend tell you?!” and she said “No, he didn’t say anything, but I know you did something. I can see it.” I gave in and told her. Thought it was pretty funny how she figured it out. Haha.

Affiliated Dermatology

I decided to get lip fillers and let me tell you guys: I AM IN LOVE. Actually, the term “in love” doesn’t even do it justice. I am obsessed with my lips. I went to visit Skyler Soares at Affiliated Dermatology. They have five location in the Phoenix area:  AnthemGilbertScottsdaleSurprise, and Deer Valley. So this is super convenient if you live anywhere in Phoenix. They also offer other services besides injections, like microneedlingchemical peelsCoolScultping, to name a few.

Consultation / Procedure

Before the consultation, Skyler’s assistant applied some numbing cream on me while we waited for Skyler; we left it on for about 45 mins. Skyler said I already have pretty nice lips to start off with and that they were pretty proportional. I showed her a couple of inspiration pics that I was hoping for (this and this). My main focus was for that keyhole look so Skyler suggested that we would put some filler on the sides on the top and then some of it to the bottom to make it proportional. We used 0.7cc of JUVÉDERM® ULTRA XC on my lips. The injection had some numbing cream in it, so my lips didn’t even hurt after the procedure. I could feel the needle going into my lips and I would rate that pain as 3/10. But other than that, it wasn’t bad at all!

Before and right after the procedure
6 hours after the procedure with Aquaphor on

Post Procedure

It wasn’t until the day after when I started feeling a bit sore everytime I smiled wide or made a kissy face. I think the day after the procedure was when I looked the most ridiculous and felt like a Bratz doll. My lips felt swollen and a bit dry. I initially thought that they were way too big for me… Might have freaked out a little bit too but by the second day, I was in love. By the third day, my lips felt fine. My lips felt like they were healed, even though the nurse said they won’t be completely healed for 2 weeks.

52 hours after the procedure
Before and after, one-week post procedure, front view
Before and after, one-week post procedure, side view
Before and after, one-week post procedure, front view


Overall, I’m seriously in love with my lips. Every time I look in the mirror, I’m just like, “Oh dang. New lips, who dis?” If you ever had a thought of getting lip injections, I highly highly highly recommend going in for a consultation with Skyler AT LEAST. Also, another great thing! Affiliated Dermatology currently has a couple of Groupon deals happening right now. Check out this deal for a syringe of Juvederm.

— Demi Bang

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Originally published by Demi Bang. “MY LIP FILLERS EXPERIENCE.” Demi Bang, 26 December 2017.